This Little Curl - The Salon 

We are so pleased and excited to announce that This Little Curl will be expanding into a salon soon! 

We are currently in the midst of renovating. Unfortunately with all the uncertainty at the moment due to Covid-19 we're unsure when the salon will now be opening. I'm currently being kept busy homeschooling the little curlies so am not able to offer any mobile cuts. 

Check in here to keep up to date with progress and make sure you sign up to our mailing list so you don't miss our open for business announcement!

April Update

Renovations are well under way for our new Curly Salon!!

Paint and wall paper have been stripped, lighting and most Gib boarding has been installed!

Next on the agenda is our wet area walls, plumbing installation and AIRCON!! 

Then we'll move on to plastering, painting and those ever important finishing touches. 

Curly Hair Cutting & Styling

This Little Curl is dedicated home hair salon, located on the Brisbane Bayside.


Kaycee's true passion is helping those with naturally textured hair embrace, work with (not against) and LOVE their curls and waves. 

Trained by Lorraine Massey, Kaycee is on a mission to change the way we look at and treat textured hair. 

Whether you're well into your Healthy Hair Journey or you're wanting some tips on getting started, Kaycee can help you get there.


Please ensure that you arrive to every appointment with clean, de-tangled hair that is styled as you would usually wear it.

Please refrain from using clips, hair ties etc as this can change the way your curls naturally like to sit. 

We also ask to that if  your usual routine includes heavy butters (ie Shea Butter) or raw oils (ie Coconut oil), that are applied directly to the hair (not as an ingredient in a product) that you not use these on the day of your appointment. If your store bought products list these as an ingredient, you are fine to use that product on the day.

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