Layby with This Little Curl

Why Layby and not After Pay

We truly believe that everyone deserves good quality hair care; we don't, however, believe that one should have to get into debt to be able to afford it. For this reason we've chosen not to offer Afterpay or the likes at This Little Curl.

If for any reason you prefer to pay via instalments we do have an option for you:

Simply Select one (or a few) of the products you're wanting to purchase and add it to your cart. Checkout as normal HOWEVER make sure you select "Local Pickup" at Checkout to remove the cost of shipping. 

Leave us a note when you place your order, stating that this is part of a Layby order. We will then pop the products aside for you. 

When placing your final order, simply select the standard $9.95 shipping option and leave a note stating that this is the final order. We will then package up all your goodies and get them out to you. 

For our New Zealand Curlies, The sum of the shipping for all items will be calculated and invoiced on your final order. If you would like to keep track of the costs as you shop then leave a note asking for an update on postage and we will let you know.

While we're aware that its not quite as exciting as receiving your products straight away, we're hoping that it provides an easier to manage option for those who may need or prefer it - it also helps hide purchases from the other half (not that we endorse that at all).