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BlissSilk - Mulberry Silk Face Mask

BlissSilk - Mulberry Silk Face Mask

PriceFrom $19.00

These masks have three layers of pure mulberry silk with a filter pocket, feel smooth and lightweight against your skin and minimise abrasion. Silk is a natural fibre that has anti-bacterial properties, repelling dust mites and allergies. Easy to wash and re-use and adjustable with an elastic toggle. A flexible nose wire ensures the perfect fit.


Sizing: 140mm x 225mm

  • Why Silk?

    Choosing Silk

    Not to be confused with polyester satin, the smooth fibres of silk are natural, breathable, temperature regulating and hypo-allergenic. These properties help prevent friction and tugging, promoting better skin & hair health.

    • Temperature Adaptive
      Keep cool in summer and warm in winter.
    • Healthy Hair
      Prevent split ends and morning bed head.
    • Breathable
      A natural resistance to dust mites.
    • Anti-Ageing
      Minimise sleep creases and prevent wrinkles.