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All about This Little Curl



This Little Curl is an award-winning curly hair boutique, established in the beautiful Brisbane Bayside by Kaycee and her husband Mr TLC. 

After starting her working life in the hairdressing industry, Kaycee stepped away for many years, coming back only when she discovered her passion for natural curl care and education. Kaycee went on to train with the likes of Lorraine Massey herself, aswell as local curl educators Amanda and Peter Rickman. 

Armed with passion, knowledge and a desire to help others, Kaycee is on a mission to ensure no curly grows up embarrased of their natural curl!


This Little curl is a family owned and operated business, striving to go above and beyond for each and every customer. We offer free, personalised consults when needed, to ensure that you get the most bang for your buck when investing in your curl care. Whether your new to curl care or you've been at it a while, Kaycee is always happy to offer 1:1 help to get your curls looking their best, with the least hassle possible. 

We understand that everyone values different things in their life, so we also offer the oppourtunity to shop Vegan-only products and Australian made curly hair products.


Our vision is a world where no one is ever made to feel less-than for their natural hair texture. No-one is teased in school, called messy, unruly or ugly because of their curls. How you feel about your curls plays a vital role in how you feel about yourself and we're here to make sure you have the confidence to rock your curls, no matter the occasion!

kaycee Bay owner of This Little Curl, selling the best curl products in Australia
The Davis Family, owners of This Little Curl. An Australian owned small business.

Thanks for supporting our local family business.

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