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Kids Curly Hair Products

Plus a BONUS guide on looking after your curly kids hair. 

curly kids hair products for little girl with curls

Wash days can be tough when you're a kid with curly hair - Keep it simple with these basic steps:

1. Wrangle your curly kid into the bath or shower - with bribes and treats if needed.

~Use a Co-wash or conditioning Cleanser with a silicone scalp brush. The co-wash will help to make detangling easier whilst the scalp brush will help lift dirt, sand, smeared food, sunscreen and who knows what else.

Rinse and repeat (if your littlie is up for it). Save the shampoo for sandy beach days, dinner bowls on head nights and once monthly deep cleanses.

2. Rinse thoroughly and condition those ends. Remember to use less product, more water and really squeeze it into their hair. This will help loosen tangles. 

3. Gently separate tangles with your fingers, then use a Tangle Teezer Brush to ensure it's smooth and knot free. Always start at the very ends, brush down and then move up a little at a time until all tangles are removed. This avoids knots "bunching" together, which can happen if you start your brush strokes at the roots. 

4. Gently rinse while scrubbing their scalps whilst reminding them the only reason it's going in their eyes is because they're moving too much and if they just stayed still it would be much easier (or is that just my house?!)

Leave the ends a little slimy with conditioner, don't rinse it all out - this will help ensure their hair stays moisturised. 

6. For many little curlies, leaving a small amount of conditioner in is all they need.

However, if you have a little curly who tends to fluff and frizz, you can add a soft hold styler, if desired. Ecoslay Lemon Butter Cream, Jessicurl Rocking Ringlets and Treluxe Reflex Serum are my favourites for this.

7. For Little Curlies with BIG curls, tight ringlets and afro textured hair, a firmer hold product can be added to maintain definition and lock in moisture. Ecoslay Orange Marmalade, Jessicurl Spiralicious are great options.

I suggest adding all products while still in the bath or shower. It's less messy that way!

8. Wrap those precious curls in one of our easy-to-use Curl Towels. These are great for stopping the drips without taking too much moisture from the hair. A 'how to' video for little curlies can be found here.

Leave the curl towel on while they dry off, nudie run down the hallway, do a few twirls and eventually get dressed.

9. Take the curl towel off and gently scrunch & squeeze their curls. If their hair is quick to dry - woohoo! You're done, leave it to airdry while they go about their day.

If they have thicker or longer hair that can take hours to dry, we've got a few more steps. 

10. Pop one of our Satin Diffuser caps over their curls, tighten until firm but comfy and dry on low to medium heat for as long as they can handle (around 30mins is ideal depending on the power of your dryer). NOTE: Do not leave your little curly unattended while using the Diffuser Cap and Hairdryer. Always ensure you check the temperature regularly.  
11. Once dry you're done! Well done Mumma and/or Dadda... Your curly kid is sorted! 

A few extra tips and tricks:

  • If your Curly Kid will tolerate it, sleeping in a silk or satin bonnet DRAMATICALLY helps with morning knots. If in doubt, opt for a silk or satin pillowcase instead.

  • To refresh their morning curls
    ~DON'T brush their curls out. If there is a noticeable tangle, gently undo with your fingers then either - 

    ~Use wet hands and a smidge of conditioner or styler to smooth over the fuzzy bits. Use more water on any areas you've detangled gently. 


    ~ Use a spray such as the EverEscents Ultimate hair enhancer, Inahsi Pamper my Curls Spray or Innersense Sweet Spirit Leave in conditioner. Spritz over the hair and then smooth with wet hands.
    Alternatively you can spray into your wet hands and smooth over. Finish with a teeny amount of your chosen styler and allow to dry.


  • For Days in between washing, I HIGHLY recommend investing in a good shower cap. This will protect little curls from becoming fuzzy with the steam and splashes.

  • For tying back their curls, a silk or satin scrunchie will cause less breakage, therefore meaning less fuzz.



Below you will find the best kids curly hair products from our range.
They're simple to use, gentle an
d effective. 

Our other products are safe for use on Curly Kids (and straight haired ones too!) but this way there's not such an overwhelming choice. 

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