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Curly Sleep Sock - Microfiber (page 2 of 2)

Curly Sleep Sock - Microfiber (page 2 of 2)


Wanting to protect your curls and waves over night but not ready to commit to a Silk Bonnet or cap? 
We have your solution!


Introducing This Little Curls stretchy curl socks. A popular choice amongst curlies due to their entry level pricing and ease of use, these sleep socks simply slide on to protect your curls while you sleep. 

In the morning wake up, shake your head a little and allow your curls to settle for 10-15minutes.  Because these sleep buffs hold your hair in a 'Marge Simpson' style you get to keep your hard earned volume over night. 


Not only are these great for protecting your curls, they have a range of other uses too! 

  • Headband
  • Bandana
  • Hair Tie
  • Wrist Band
  • Scarf
  • Sun protection
  • Facemask

Made from a seamless,  2 way stretch tube, these are designed for maximum comfort with minimal effort. 


*See additional info for link to more designs.

  • Dimensions

    See 9th product image for example and clarification on below

    • Perimeter - 50cm
    • Diameter - 15.9cm
    • Radius - 7.95cm
    • Length - 49cm
    • Width - 25cm
  • Pages

    There are two pages of Sleep Socks due to the volume of designs. Please use this link to see other designs.

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