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Everescents Organic Hair Care 

A truly unique, Australian made & owned hair care range. Whether it's the gentle cleansing of Everscents shampoo or the rich nourishment of their conditioners and treatments, Everescents offers a perfect solution for curly hair folk looking for a simple range that gives amazing results. Everescents products are highly concentrated so you'll find you need less product, more water when you use the shampoo or conditioner.
Everescents are the brand behind my all-time favourite protein treatment for curly hair, the Remedy Treatment. They make some of the best curly hair products in Australia!

Most of the Everescents products listed are suitable for those following the curly girl method - andin fact, any one else - men, women or kids, regardless of whether they have straight, curly, wavy, kinky or coily hair. Please check individual listings for the right Everescents shampoo, conditioner, treatment or other product for you.

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