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Scrunch It - Curls Simplified

Scrunch it was created by CEO Devin who had grown up struggling with what she thought was unmanageable straight hair. After being told by her stylist that she actually had curls Devin set out to learn all about them. Through she journey she discovered the frustrations of plopping curls and protecting them while she slept, leading her to develop the Scrunch it range of headwear that then led into even more great curly hair products. The Scrunch It range now includes curly hair wash and style products, an amazing hair dryer diffuser, a curl defining brush and protein drops for when your curls need a little extra strength.

Lot's of curly hair, a little curly hair, long curls or short short curls - the Scrunch It diffuser is amazing for all!

With an extra large bowl, long fingers (with air holes at the tip) and a sturdy design you will never need another diffuser. 

Simply compare the measurements for the opening with the width of your hairdryer nozzle and you're good to go! Not sure they'll be a perfect fit? Why not team it with our Snozzle Pro so you can be sure of a snug grip on your hairdryer.

This Diffuser is almost identical to the Xtava Black Orchid and the Amaxy Reviving Lotus, the only difference being the addition of small silicone bumps for extra grip. Your curls (and your arms) will thank you for investing in a Scrunch It Diffuser

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