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Scrunch it hair diffuser for curly hair

Scrunch It hair diffuser + Snozzle Pro Bundle - Diffuser Hack

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$82.00Sale Price
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Has there been a more Iconic duo than the Snozzle Pro and Scrunch it Diffuser?!


Forget Bonnie and Clyde, Joanie and Chachi, Mickey and Minnie - This is the new power couple!


Fit your Scrunch It Diffuser to almost any hairdryer, including the Dyson Supersonic by using it with the simple yet effective Snozzle Pro. No more cutting and gluing your Dyson Hairdryer to try out the latest Dyson Diffuser Hack


This Diffuser is almost identical to the Xtava Black Orchid Diffuser and Amaxy Reviving Lotus Diffuser, the only difference being the addition of small silicone bumps for extra grip.