Basic Beginners Guide



A simple wash routine for beginners:

Step 1.Prepare yourself for the journey

 Gather your products, to start you should only need: 


Step 2. Cleanse your curls, scalp and soul

Apply a 20-50c size amount of shampoo or cleanser to your palms. Emulsify well until your hands are covered, then scrub your scalp thoroughly using the tips of your fingers. Drizzle some water over your hair and scrub once more to ensure any product build up, dead skin cells and environmental dirt is removed. Gently pull some of the product through your ends and scrunch. Rinse thoroughly, whilst scrubbing some more. Repeat if necessary. 

Step 3. Deeeply Nourish your curls

On your first wash day do a Deep Treatment of your choice, ensuring the hair is thoroughly saturated and the treatment is left on for 15-20mins . To get the most from your treatment I recommend using some form of gentle heat to open the cuticle layer of your hair, either a warm, damp towel or,  a product like the Hot Head deep conditioning cap.

Step 4. Feed, hydrate and love on your curls

Rinse the treatment thoroughly from your hair and scalp and apply your conditioner, starting from your ends and working your way up. The goal with your conditioner is to have your hair become slippery, with a similar feeling to seaweed. This is called "getting good slip". To achieve this I recommend the Roping Method or the Super Soaker Method.  I also recommend tipping your head and hair forward in the shower for this, or to the side if you don't find bending forward comfortable.

Step 5. Begin to set the scene

Rinse your conditioner, partially or fully, depending on your hair type. Fine hair most likely needs a thorough rinse, coarser hair can handle more being left in. Apply your leave-in conditioner (or use your standard conditioner again), either by roping or using prayer hands and gentle raking, still upside down or tipped sideways. You should need less conditioner for leave in than you did for initial application. Stand upright and gently part your hair where you like it, without disrupting the curl clumps too much. 

Step 6. Add your cream or filler + Gel

Finer Curlies may skip this step completely if their hair is easily weighed down.


Take the top half of your hair and clip it (or tie gently)  on top of your head. Part the bottom section into two sections. Apply your styling cream (I use Everescents universal styling cream) to one section at a time, using roping, prayer hands or raking, whatever your preference is. The amount you use will depend completely on your hair type and the result you enjoy (would start with a 5-10c piece per section for medium to thick hair)

Still working only on the bottom section apply your gel. Firstly with a prayer hands motion, then gently scrunch your curls with closed fingers, to encourage the curl.  Once the bottom half is complete and all products have been applied, tie them gently at your nape.

Step 7. Finalise your styling

Take down the top half of your hair and ensure your parting is correct. Apply products in the same way as the bottom half. Once you have applied your styling cream and gel, gently untie your bottom half. Tip your head forward and  smooth a pea size amount of gel all around the perimeter of your hair/head, ensuring you don't miss those flufflies around the hairline or nape.

Step 8. Remove excess moisture

Take your Hair Crown Wrap and either wrap gently as you would a standard towel or "plop" your hair. See here for more info (DO NOT RUB YOUR HAIR. AT ALL. EVER. JUST DON'T)

Step 9.

Leave your Crown on for 5-15min (personal preference) and then gently unwrap, tip your head back and shake gently to position your curls where they would naturally fall. 

Step 10.

If you're someone who likes volume, or you find your curls lay flat at the top, now is the time to clip your roots.

Step 11.

Allow your curls to air dry naturally, diffuse on low heat and speed, or sit under your hooded dryer (or in front of your heater, or in your car with the heater blasting... whatever works for you!)

Step 12.

Once your hair is 100% dry, it's time to "Scrunch out the Crunch". Gently tip your head forward and use your fingers to massage your scalp to break the cast at the roots. Then tipping your head forward, using either your hands or a silk scarf (or similar), scrunch your hair in an upwards motion to remove the stiffness. I tip my head forward, scrunch, side, scrunch, other side, scrunch. You will find your preferred way for everything over time.

Step 13.

Flaunt your newly fabulous curls!

Disclaimer: This Little Curl accepts no responsibility for the multiple questions and compliments you will get all day on your smashing Curls.

Please know that not every method will work for every head of hair. This is a BASIC beginners guide, to get you on the right track. If you're having trouble, please feel free to contact us. Alternatively, there are a tonne of interactive Facebook Groups, Instagram pages and fellow curly girls you can connect with to help you on your way. We are a pretty friendly community on a whole.