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Rosemary + Mint Collective Co-wash Conditioner

A passing comment that lead to the start of something beautiful.... That's how Rosemary + Mint Collective began ❤ 


Lovingly Crafted in the USA by Amanda, a hairdresser of over 28 years, this is the all-in-one conditioner that curly and wavy dreams are made of.  Whether you're searching for a co-wash that keeps your hair and scalp feeling fresh and clean or you're wanting to help your curly hair grow faster, stronger and happier, Rosemary & Mint is for you. 

Both the liquid co-wash conditioner and the solid bar contain Rosemary Oil for hair growth, Tea Tree oil for hair and scalp health, Peppermint oil for health pH levels and cleansing + Abyssinian Oil for promote shine, moisture, manageability and more. 

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