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Bounce Curl
Australia & New Zealand

This Little Curl is thrilled to announce that we are now an official Bounce Curl partner! From the viral and much loved Bounce Curl Brush and the famous Bounce Curl Light Creme Gel, curly folk Down Under now get to enjoy this gorgeous range without all the hassles of ordering it from overseas. We proudly ship Bounce Curl Australia & New Zealand wide!

The Bounce Curl Story

Welcome to the world of Bounce Curl, where hair care meets a rich tradition of expertise and a passion for natural beauty. Founded by Merian, the Creator and Formulator of Bounce Curl Products, Bounce Curl's brand stands as a beacon of excellence in the industry. As a woman-family owned and award-winning brand, they blend the best of modern science with the bounty of nature's ingredients to create hair and skin products that cater to diverse needs and hair types.

Inspired by ancestral remedies from the Middle East and North Africa, Bounce Curl is driven by a deep commitment to purpose and representation. Their mission is to provide products that empower individuals to embrace their natural selves fully. With formulations rooted in both tradition and innovation, each Bounce Curl product is crafted with care and pure love to help you achieve stunning, healthy-looking hair.

Education and experience
he core of Bounce Curl's brand ethos. Merian has dedicated over a decade to formulating Bounce Curl products, backed by ongoing education, including pursuing a master's degree in Cosmetic Science. With a Bachelor of Science degree and a passion for blending her own products since the age of 21, Merian brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the creation of Bounce Curl's innovative offerings.

On a personal note
Merian's journey with hair care began at a young age, nurtured by her family's values of embracing natural beauty. Frustrated by the lack of suitable products for her hair type, Merian took matters into her own hands, drawing from her extensive experience in chemistry labs and a childhood steeped in natural remedies. Inspired by her grandmother's use of black seed oil and homemade formulas, Merian's connection to her heritage shines through in every Bounce Curl product.


At This Little Curl, we love that Bounce Curl upholds a tradition of excellence, committed to using naturally derived ingredients that style, moisturise, and enhance your beautiful curls. With a dedication to quality and a belief in the power of nature, we invite you to experience the transformative magic of Bounce Curl and embrace your natural beauty with confidence.

This Little Curl is so proud to offer the products 
from Bounce Curl Australia knows and loves. 

Bounce Curl founder and creator Merian
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