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A woman taking off the Bounce Curl Reversible Hair Bonnet

Bounce Curl Reversible Satin Hair Bonnet

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We are proud to present the Bounce Curl Satin Hair Bonnet - adjustable, reversible and simply gorgeous!


This satin sleep bonnet uses cruelty-free satin to emulate the silky texture you crave, this silky-feeling hair bonnet also boasts an adjustable band bringing a customized fit for those restless sleepers.


Designed to cater to head sizes ranging from XS to XL, lightweight and reversible, so whether you are a funky print kind of curly or prefer the sensibility of sleek gold you can combine style and comfort without the headache.

  • Benefits of Satin

    Whilst silk is the go-to for many curlies, unfortunately silk also often comes with a high price tag and isn't cruelty-free.

    Satin offers a silk-like softness and is the most comparable material to the silk 'slip' when caring for your curls at night. Satin provides a vegan-friendly alternative to silk alternatives.

  • Is it Vegan?