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Clever Curl - Refills (pickup only)

Clever Curl - Refills (pickup only)

Available for in-person pickup only from our Queensland, Birkdale address.


Ever thought about recycling your empty product bottles? 

This Little Curl can now offer a swap & go refill service at our Birkdale, Qld address. You can help reduce your impact on the environment and save 15% off of the price of a new bottle.

1. Simply rinse out your existing empty bottles (as well as you can please, we will rewash once received but would appreciate as clean as possible)

2. Place your order choosing from the same size bottle you are returning and we will contact you once we have your swap bottles ready to go,

3. Bring your empties and 'Swap & Go'


Please ensure your bottles are in good condition & have lids, pumps etc with them as we will need these for the next curly. Also If you have unwanted additional empties please drop them around too and we will re-use for another curly.


Bottles are thoroughly washed before refill however if you have any allergies to ingredients in the same range as your empty please contact prior to purchase so we can ensure we have an empty of the same product available.


For those of you who would prefer to have their own empty refilled we still offer the drop off/ pick up refill service, simply order the same way as the Swap & Go and add in the comments you wish to refill your own empty.


At this time we can only offer this to those who can physically pickup from our address in south east Qld due to the postal costs of returning empties, however if you would like to return your empties to us via post please let us know and we will explore the options available.

  • Custom Volumes

    If you would like to refill a bottle with a custom volume (One not shown in the product options)

    We are more then happy to accomodate.. Just send us a message with what volume you want to refill and we will provide a quote and we can go from there. 

  • Ingredients

    The options available make listing these here impractical and confusing :)

    You can find all product ingredient lists by checking out individual product pages, Click here.

  • CG Status

    CG Approved!