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Extra Large Shower Cap for Curly Hair - Itchy & Scratchy

Extra Large Shower Cap for Curly Hair - Itchy & Scratchy

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Keep your curls dry and frizz free with one of our boutique, handmade shower caps for curly hair.

Handcrafted right here in Brisbane, our Extra Large shower caps fit even the biggest of curls, with no crumpling, squishing or ruffling. They're great for showercaps for dreadlocks to stay dry in the shower too.

Consisting of 3 layers of fabric, a satin outer, waterproof inner and smooth, no-frizz, water resistant inner, all finished with a hand made Bias trim. Each curly hair shower cap is also made to be used for years, with an easy-access opening to change the elastic should it lose its stretch over time, no need to replace the whole shower cap!

Just quietly I think these might be the best curly hair shower caps out 🙊

Each design has a limited availability and may or may not be restocked, depending on fabric availability.