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Jumbo Satin Bonnet for Curly Hair

Jumbo Satin Bonnet for Curly Hair


These extra large curly hair satin sleep bonnets are the perfect option if you want to protect your curls overnight but have a larger volumn of hair to be encased and also need a more a budget-friendly option than a silk bonnet.


The 3cm soft elastic banding ensures a comfortable yet firm fit, whilst the satin cap helps to keep your curly hair frizz free while sleeping.


With the stretchy elastic band you can even use these satin bonnets to protect your kids curls overnight. Sleeping in a bonnet helps to avoid tangled curls and makes mornings easier.


We also know that Australia can be hot! That's why we chose a lightweight, more breathable satin, to give you the best chance of staying cool while looking after your curly hair.


We have a range of colours available.

  • Dimensions

    Plane - 40cm,

    Circumference - 50.8cm,

    Band width - 3cm,

  • Materials

    Bonnet - Satin/Polyester,



    Band - Soft elastic

  • Care Instructions

    Hand wash in cold water, hang to dry.