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BlissSilk Thick Silk Scrunchies / Silk Hair Ties

BlissSilk Thick Silk Scrunchies / Silk Hair Ties


The Silk Scrunchies Australia loves. Take your curly hair style to the next level with these soft and smooth Silk Hair Ties. Whether you want the perfect messy bun, a smoothed back style or a pineapple for overnight, a silk scrunchie is all you need.

No more marks from a hair tie when you need to hit the gym and get your workout in, our silk scrunchies reduce creases to your hair. 


BlissSilk Silk Scrunchies are  gentle on your hair and scalp too, perfect for damaged hair that needs a little extra TLC. The can also help to reduce "hair tie" headaches for those prone to migraines. 


Not to be confused with polyester satin, the smooth fibres of our silk scrunchies are natural, breathable,  and hypo-allergenic.

Why risk the ripping and tugging of a normal hair elastic when you could upgrade to luxury AND prevent damage, for an affordable price?

Check out our Slim Silk Scrunchies / Silk Hair Ties


BlissSilk is an Australian owned & operated company and we're proud to supply their gorgeous Mulberry Silk Scrunchies Australia and NZ Wide.


  • Large Silk Scrunchie Sizing

    Circumference - Unstretched 180mm, Stretched upto 500mm

  • Details

    Our Bliss Silk Silk Scrunchies are available in both a slim and regular/large sizing. 100% Mulberry Silk. 

    The large size is perfect for thicker waves and curls.