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Metal Afro Pick for Volume - Curly Hair (2pcs)

Metal Afro Pick for Volume - Curly Hair (2pcs)

PriceFrom $12.00

Each pack contains 2 metal pronged afro pick combs.


Do you crave volume without frizz? Height without the loss of definition? Struggle with fiddly root clips or just need something quick and easy to slide in and out? The metal prong afro pick is the answer for you! 


Simply slide 2 combs along the scalp, toward each other, lift the hair and slide prongs betwen each other to lock into place.


Large afro pick is 230mm total length with a 125mm prong

Small afro pick is 155mm total length with a 70mm prong and will fit under most hooded dryers


Need more clarification? Head to our facebook page for a video on how to use these!