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Original Moxie Refillable Bottles and Canisters

Original Moxie Refillable Bottles and Canisters

PriceFrom $13.30

Original Moxie has transitioned into more sustainable re-usable packaging options. 


The Original Moxie 100ml (3.4oz) bottles are now aluminium and specifically designed for refill & reuse. Need a larger option? don't worry, we now have both the Original Moxie' aluminium 300ml (10.2fl oz) pump bottle & the Original Moxie' PCR Recycled plastic 499mm (16.9oz) large carton capsule, simply fill these reusable bottles with your favourte Original Moxie product and you're good to go. These are made to last and will help you to reduce waste. 


Please see info section below for specifics & statistics.. it is honestly both impressive and encouraging. Go Original Moxie! I am absolutely loving this trend toward eco friendly packaging that is sweeping our curly world and we are so proud to offer Original Moxie Australia and New Zealand wide. 

  • Packaging stats

    All components of our Sustainable Packaging, from our Cartons to our Aluminum Bottles and PCR Plastic Capsule are fully recyclable in most states

    Our sturdy reusable Capsules are made from 90% post-consumer recycled content resin. That's a lot of plastic we're removing from the waste stream!

    The refill cartons (specifically for the large capsules) include 81% FSC Certified paperboard which is a renewable and sustainably managed resource

    The refill cartons carbon footprint is 66% less than it was for the now discontinued plastic bottles

    The refill cartons are significantly lighter than their plastic counterparts and also pack flat (they are rectangular so less waisted space) when packing materials are accounted for this reduces the shipping volume by 90% (WOW) that means 90% less shipping emissions which is incredible

    Whilst the refill cartons are recyclable in most areas (please check your states capabilities) they will no doubt occasionally end up in the kitchen bin and in turn end up in landfill. WELL, LET ME TELL YOU, these are 80% biodegradable reducing the footprint even further.


  • Directions on 499ml refill capsule

    These capsules are specific to the 499ml refill cartons.

    The carton is inserted inverted into the capsule so that the writing on the carton is now upside down. On the base of the carton there is a perforated circle, push the capsule pump straw through the perforation and lower the top (pump section) of the capsule onto the base of the capsule.

    If you need help with the refillable bottles or the refill cartons then please let us know and we will be happy to help out if needed.

    Please recycle the refill carton when it is empty, be sure to give it a quick rinse and let it air dry before placing it in your recycling bin