PuffCuff Round Hardcover Carry Case
  • PuffCuff Round Hardcover Carry Case

    These stylish hardcover PuffCuff cases will keep your new PuffCuffs scratch & squash free amongst your handbag, suitcase or glovebox,


    Large - Black with pink zip & trim - Fitting upto Original PuffCuffs (Junior, Mini, Micro & Teeny) Featuring a 320° circumferential zip providing easy access to your treasures  and internal dimensions of 145mm across and 55mm deep (external 170mm across & 60mm deep)


    Medium - All Black - Fitting upto Junior PuffCuffs (Junior, Mini, Micro & Teeny)

    Featuring a 300° circumferential zip providing easy access to your treasures and internal dimensions of 96mm across and 45mm deep (external 105mm across & 50mm deep) 


    Petite - Black with pink logo - So you don’t own the larger PuffCuffs. That’s okay! The MINIs and MICROs need the same love and protection. This case is the perfect solution for your little PuffCuffs. It can withstand impact, so they don’t get broken or lost. This is their home. Yes, your little PuffCuffs need a house!

    Internal dimmensions 78mm x 45mm , external 89mm x  51mm

    • Lightweight, easy to carry and fits in any bag.
    • Made of EVA material, durable and shockproof.
    • Mini round shape design, small and portable.
    • Zipper closure

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