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Satin Diffuser Drying Cap - Galaxy

Satin Diffuser Drying Cap - Galaxy

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Our No Frizz Solutions Satin Diffuser caps are your perfect, hands free drying solution.


Curls need drying but you've got work to do, washing to fold or important Netflix business? Simply attach to your hair dryer and away you go. 


Made from a single layer of Satin, air is easily able to circulate, without causing the bonnet to pop off. This is a common complaint we hear from those who have tried diffuser bonnets in the past - they either pop off the dryer or pop off your head! Not anymore. 

The diffuser bonnet has an elastic toggle to tighten around your dryer nozzle which is then looped over the back of the dryer for extra security. For around your head it features both elastic for comfort and a ribbon for customising your fit.


Kaycee Says

I am LOVING my diffuser cap. I have a hooded dryer at home but find this allows for more movement and freedom, meaning I can work at the computer with it on, instead of being stuck under a bulky dryer. I also find it so easy for drying my 6 year old and 9 year old's hair. I pop it on, make sure the temperature is right and then leave them to do their homework or watch some telly. The ribbon means it first us all comfortably. 


Note - I find I get the best results after airdrying or diffusing for a small while - just long enough for the cast to begin to form. You will also find that your hair is dried in a bit of an odd pattern when you first remove the cap. DON'T PANIC. Scrunch the Crunch and leave it to settle for 10mins. 

  • Further information

    The “cap arm” has 60cm length.
    It has an elastic which you place around the hair dryer and secure it, allowing free hands during process.
    The cap has a ribbon to adjust any head size, helping to avoid air escaping. 

    How to use it:
    – Always attach the cap while the dryer is turned off and without the nozzle
    – Adjust the cap on the head and on hair dryer, secure the elastic behind the hair dryer
    – Use it with low to medium temperature and speed

    * NEVER use hair dryer with full heat. It can damage the product and also your hair.
    * During summer time or hotter climates, the cold temperature used on the hair dryer should be sufficient. 
    * Always choose low to medium temperature and during the last 3 minutes use a cold air blast to help close hair cuticles and set your curls. This helps to avoid frizz.
    * Using the Satin Diffuser Drying Cap should be a pleasant experience. If it feels too warm or tight, adjust accordingly.

    100% polyester
    Vegan product