Silk Pillowcase
  • Silk Pillowcase

    Wake up feeling younger than you were when your head hit the pillow. Keep skin hydrated, prevent split ends, reduce sleep wrinkles and frizzy bed hair. These BlissSilk high quality silk pillowcases are luxurious and dreamy to sleep on. 

    100% Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

    Superior 6A Long Strand Quality Silk, 22momme Queen Size 51cm x 75cm / 20" x 29" Envelope enclosure

    • Why Silk?

      Not to be confused with polyester satin, the smooth fibres of silk are natural, breathable, temperature regulating and hypo-allergenic. These properties help prevent friction and tugging, promoting better skin & hair health.

      • Temperature Adaptive
        Keep cool in summer and warm in winter.
      • Healthy Hair
        Prevent split ends and morning bed head.
      • Breathable
        A natural resistance to dust mites.
      • Anti-Ageing
        Minimise sleep creases and prevent wrinkles.