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Protein Treatments for hair - curly or straight

(Including stylers, leave-in conditioners etc with protein)

Do you have bleached, coloured or damaged curly or wavy hair? Chances are you may benefit from an extra dose of protein in your haircare routine. Here you'll find a range of protein treatments for hair - whether curly, wavy or straight plus our favourite stylers with added protein that will nourish and repair your dry, damaged locks! Our personal favourites include EverEscents Remedy Treatment, Ecoslay Rice Pudding Leave in conditioner and Curlsmith Feather Light Protein Cream but we stock all your favourite brands too!

Protein treatments for curly hair are essential for maintaining healthy, resilient curls. These treatments work by infusing strands with the necessary amino acids and proteins that strengthen and repair damaged hair. Some protein masks we stock are formulated specifically for curly hair whilst some are good for any hair texture. Protein treatments provide numerous benefits, including increased elasticity, reduced breakage, and enhanced curl definition. By replenishing lost protein, these treatments restore the hair's structure, resulting in smoother, more manageable curls. Protein hair masks are particularly effective, as they deeply penetrate the hair shaft to deliver nourishment and hydration. Incorporating a protein treatment into your curl care routine not only improves the overall health of your hair but also ensures long-lasting curl vitality and bounce. Whether you're seeking to revive damaged curls or maintain healthy ones, a protein treatment for curly hair is an indispensable part of any curl care regimen.
Fun fact! Without adequate protein your hair won't retain moisture well, so if your hair is feeling dry and fluffy no matter how many deep treatments you do, a protein treatment or protein rich product may be the answer. 

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