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Famous Celebrities With Curly Hair

and their top curly tips

Good Charlotte album cover for lifestyles of the rich and the famous

"Curl-styles of the rich and the famous, they're always complainin', always complainin' "

Seeing that this song was released in 2002 as made me feel exceptionally older than I felt 2 minutes ago... but that's besides the point!

I appreciate an incredible head of curly curls when I see one, so I thought we'd shine a light on some World Famous celebrities with curly hair and their (or their stylists') top tips.


Zendaya - With the gorgeous brown curls

Zendaya showing of her natural curls

Zendaya previously shared her celebrity curly hair routine on youtube and curlies around the world went crazy for it! Her top tips include:

  • Wash well every 3 days and then detangle with a wide tooth comb to help reduce knots and matted curls.

  • Apply stylers evenly using hands

  • Dry gently with a Microfibre towel (I wonder what she'd think of our hand made curl towels?!)

  • She then dries with a Deva curly hair diffuser

  • At night Zendaya says "I put my hair on top of my head with a loose scrunchie. It’s not really a bun, it’s just piled there so I don’t crush the curls. And I sleep on a satin pillowcase. My older sister, who has hair similar to mine, convinced me to do it. It’s really good for hair.” - aka.... The Pineapple.

Nicole Kidman - The mis-treated curls she regrets "touturing" - all in the name of conforming to beauty standards

Nicole Kidman wearing her natural curls when she was younger
"I really wanted to have that suntanned skin and long blonde hair," she explained. "I wanted to conform and be the Aussie beach girl. And I was never going to be that."

Soooo maybe Nicole isn't the best celeb to get curly hair care tips from, but one thing we can learn is that you might not love them right now, but one day you'll regret straightening them to a crisp. Nicole has recently bought back the curls and says when she's not working and having to heat style her hair, she lets it air-dry naturally and ties it back curly to give it a break. When she has been having it styled often, she likes to treat it with a nourishing oil overnight to help it bounce back. I don't know what her exact routine is, but its clearly working for her 😍

A more recent photo of Nicole Kidman wearing her natural curly curls

Andie McDowall - The Silver Curled Beauty

Andie McDowall a celebrity with curly hair who embraces her natural grays

While "researching" celebrities with curly hair (and getting distracted by gossip write ups from 10 years ago) - one curly who stood out was the gorgeous Andie McDowall. Not just because of her incredible head of silver curls, but because in almost every photo I found, she was wearing her curls with pride.... now that's what we like to see!

Andie say's she visited a salon when first moving to New York and the stylist washing her hair said "What are you doing? Don't straighten your hair! You have great curls" - their influence was so strong that she never fought her natural texture again. And I think that in itselfs is a top tip: Embrace your natural texture, don't fight it or try to make it something it's not. Who are your favourite celebrities with curly hair? Do you ever follow their routines or current trends?

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