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❄️Curly Hair? Flaky Scalp? Dandruff / Dry Scalp?❄️ Here's what you need to know...

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Shocked women looking for dandruff in her dark curly hair

There's a few things we have that can help with Dandruff flakes, Psoriasis and other dry scalp flakes...

But did you know there's different causes of Dandruff ? Let's take a look at whether it's Dandruff vs Dry Scalp

Dry Scalp Flakes -

Those very fine, powder-like, dust-particle sized flakes.

This isn't 'technically' Dandruff, however, most people call it that. This can be caused by dry, cold air, reactions to products, harsh shampoos (even some of the best dandruff shampoo options as these can dry your scalp out if they're made for Oily Dandruff).

For dry scalp Dandruff you can try

  • Giovanni Anti Dandruff Scalp Scrub. This is like a curly hair cowash with scrub particles. Because it's moisturising instead of drying, it can help illeviate that tight, dry scalp feeling.

  • A cream cleanser instead of Shampoo. If your scalp is dry but your hair goes limp easily opt for a light, curly hair cleanser such as the New EverEscents Cleanser. You can shampoo 1x, then use a cream cleanser to follow so your hair is thoroughly cleansed but you scalp is well moisturised.

  • Rosemary & Mint Co-wash Conditioner - this is moisturising, helps encourage hair growth, keeps your scalp healthy and eases the dry, tight feeling.

  • EverEscents Lavender Shampoo and Conditioner - this is specially formulated to target touchy, sensitive scalps. Lavender provides a calming, anti itch effect

  • Cowashing and Conditioning with a De Lorenzo Tricho Scalp Balance or Sensitive Scalp Conditioner. These are professional grade, Australian Made, scalp therapy products.

  • Original Moxie Scalp Therapy Treatment. This is not a scalp oil. This us a conditioner for your scalp. It helps calm inflammation, relieves Psoriasis symptoms and can be used to refresh the scalp between washes.

Dandruff - the oily, scaly type

This can be caused by hormones, stress, underlying medical conditions, nutritional deficiency and fungus over growth.

It is NOT caused by dirty hair, however if you don't wash often enough the oily build up can attribute to flakes. This is the type of Dandruff that usually requires a medicated shampoo but these can be extremely drying and wreck havoc on your curls. Luckily, there are alternatives - like these flaky scalp treatments!

For oily dandruff you could try:

What else can help with Dandruff and Flakes?

If you're looking to take your scalp care to the next level or just want a thorough cleanse, I suggest using a Silicone Scalp brush. Our Silcone scalp brush is a single piece of silicone with no gaps or grooves for moisture to sit and grow mould. There's no hard plastic casing to break in the shower and best of all - they feel AMAZING on your scalp! Using a scalp brush can help to gently lift away scalp flakes as well as stimulating blood flow to your follicles which can encourage healthy hair growth.

In very severe cases....

If you've tried natural or DIY dandruff options and you're still having scalp issues it's time to visit your GP or healthcare provider of choice.

You may require a prescription scalp lotion for period of time, allergy testing or a visit to your Naturopath or Nutritionist. They can help to rule out any dietary contributions or high levels of internal yeast/fungal growth which can be made worse by certain eating habits etc.

Have you ever, or do you now, struggle with Dandruff?

  • Yes and I'm going to try out your suggestions

  • I did previously but not anymore (Please share what helped)

  • No - I'm Flake Free and thankful!

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