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Which EverEscents product is right for you?

Everescents is a fantastic, Australian made shampoo and conditioner range. BUT how do you decide which products are right for you? I'll show you how 👇


If your hair is FINE - Bergamot is best for you Fine but dry - Bergamot Shampoo & Rose Conditioner Fine but damaged - Remedy Shampoo & Bergamot Conditoner Extra Oily and Easily Weighed Down - Mint Shampoo and Bergamot Conditioner Best Protein Treatment for fine curls: Remedy Treatment (For Damaged Hair) or Fragrance Free (For drier Hair)

If your hair is Medium - Rose is best for you (Swap to Lavender for itchy Scalps) Medium but dry - Rose Shampoo & Moisture Conditioner Medium but damaged - Remedy Shampoo & Rose Conditioner Medium but extra dry & damaged (Bleached) - Remedy Shampoo, Berry Blonde Conditoner Best Treatment: C&P Moisture Treatment or Remedy for Damaged hair


If your hair is Thick/Coarse - C&P Moisture is right for you Thick/Coarse but dry - Lemon & Sandalwood Cleanser, (this is similar to a co wash but contains more cleansing ingredients, it does not foam) C&P Shampoo and Conditioner Thick/Coarse but damaged - Berry Blonde Shampoo & Remedy Treatment Thick/Coarse but extra dry & damaged (Bleached) - Lemon & Sandalwood Cleanser, Remedy & Blonde Treatments, alternated, instead of conditioner. Best Treatment: Berry Blonde Treatment. Alternate with Remedy if hair is damaged or too fluffy. This is a fantastic protein treatment for curly hair.

EXTRA NOTES - If you have allergies the Fragrance Free Shampoo, Conditioner and Treatment are Recommended. Lavender is fabulous for dry, itchy, irritated scalps. Mint Shampoo is fabulous is you swim often and need to remove chlorine . Please remember that this is a general guide only, to help you narrow down your choices. Please ensure you read the product descriptions. This Little Curl is proud to be the curl store of choice for Aus & NZ curlies. We've got what a curl wants.

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