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Get to know Ethical Brand Co aka EverEscents & Clever Curl

Over the next little while we'll be introducing you to our suppliers, some favourite industry experts and more. I thought it only fitting to start our introductions with the company that helped us start our This Little Curl journey - Ethical Brand Co. Ethical Brand co (EBC) is the mother company of two of our favourite hair care brands - their flagship range EverEscents Organic Haircare and their newer brand Clever Curl. Ethical Brand co is everything their name would have you believe. They strive to shake things up and change how we look at the modern approach to professional hair care products. Some of my favourite things about EBC include:

  • 100% Australian made & owned - right down to the packaging

  • Their Australian made shampoos, conditioners and stylers are all professional quality and highly concentrated

  • Refillable bottles so you save waste and $$

  • Enviromentally responsible

  • Cruelty free hair products with a large vegan range too

  • Their factory, offices and warehouses are 100% Solar powered

  • They're genuinely lovely people

EverEscents original packaging

Their journey began over 15 years ago with the launch of EverEscents Organic Haircare which is Australia's leading Organic haircare brand, showing the way with innovative formulations not seen in any other brand. In 2018 they added Eco Style Project to their family and most recently developed

Clever Curl. Clever Curl is a specialised range of curly hair products made in Australia, it is completely dedicated to the Curly Girl Method guidelines and was created in conjunction with some of Australias most knowledgable curly hair gurus. Focus on EverEscents

EverEscents wasn't intended to be a curly hair brand, but their love of organic hair care with good ingredients meant they unintentionally fell under Curly Girl Method guidelines - likely before they even knew what that was.

In around 2018, just as the CGM movement really took a hold in Australia, EverEscents was catapoulted into the spotlight curteosy of their best selling Deep Treatment and Remedy protein treatment (the best protein treatment for curly hair in my opinion!)

They have since gained an incredibly loyal following of curlies, myself included. Their range of Australian made shampoos and conditioners has a broad variety of options suitable for the finest of curls through to the thickest and those with touchy scalps, allergies and more. You can find a guide to choosing your best suited EverEscents products here.

Focus on Clever Curl

Often called curly girl, girly curl, clever girl and more, Clever Curl shot to fame thanks to EverEscents' amazing curly following and their relationship with many salons around Australia.

Created by a group of Australian Curl Specialists and inspired by Lorraine Massey's 'Curly Girl Method. It is a highly specialised range, targeted specifically at curly hair (if the name didn't give it away!) formulated to enhance and embrace naturally curly hair. Two years of formula creating, talking with specialists and testing in curl salons, this simple but very exciting range of 8 curly girl products was born. Clever Curl is fomulated with minimal ingredients and is the perfect "introduction to curly hair care". The products are formulated to provide a balanced dose of protein and moisture to keep curls both hydrated and strong. Clever Curl not only looks after your hair, but ensures you feel good knowing they're 100% Australian made and owned, cruelty free, vegan and made with a reduced carbon foot print. Clever Curl also added a Fragrance Free version of all products after seeing a need for unscented products throughout their customer base.

The Ethical Brand co team

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