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Ecoslay Banana Cream - Deep Conditioner for curly hair

Ecoslay Banana Cream - Deep Conditioner for curly hair

PriceFrom $18.00

With avocado, okra, coconut cream, aloe vera and banana, Ecoslay's super-thick, moisturising deep treatment for curly hair penetrates to nourish even the driest locks! It pairs superbly with Orange Marmalade, Jello Shot, Apple Sauce and Lemon Buttercream!


For extra thirsty locks Banana Cream can be used as a leave-in treat.


Ecoslay has transitioned over to waste reducing pouches for the 16oz variant, please retain all current containers or check out the EcoSlay reusable Mason Jars. The Wide Mouth jar is best suited for Banana Cream.


** Please note that we've recently discovered a misprint in the ingredients list on the 16oz pouches and are working to get it corrected. The ingredients listed on this page are accurate. We apologize for any confusion.

  • Directions:

    After cleansing, apply a liberal amount of Banana Cream to soaking wet hair. Evenly distribute and leave on for 30 minutes, using a heat cap for full penetration. Rinse.

    For extra thirsty locks, apply a bit of Banana Cream as a leave-in treat.

  • Ingredients:

    Okra extract, Marshmallow root extract, Aloe vera juice, Coconut cream, Ceteryl Alcohol, Colza oil, Avocado oil, Argan oil, Jojoba oil, Banana Extract, Benzyl Alcohol Dehydroacetic acid (non-drying alcohol used in preservation system).

  • Shelf Life & Storage Tips:

     Banana Cream is fully-preserved with a 9 month shelf life when stored in a cool, dark, dry location. Because Banana Cream is an all-natural product and often cool, dry, dark locations are difficult to come by, it is recommended that it is refrigerated to preserve its shelf life.

  • CG Status

    CG Approved!

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