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Ecoslay Jello shot - Definer for Rebellious curls

Ecoslay Jello shot - Definer for Rebellious curls

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Let's get the Party started! Ecoslay Jello Shot will hold even the kinkiest of curls in place while you go about your day.

With okra extact, aloe vera juice and chamomile, Ecoslay Jello Shot is a super-thick, strawberry-scented gel that firmly holds curls in place, creating an incredibly gel cast and long lasting style. 


TOP TIP: Use a smidge of Jello Shot over your Ecoslay Orange Marmalade for max style and hold

We proudly ship Ecoslay Australia and New Zealand wide.


Ecoslay has transitioned over to waste reducing 16oz pouches, These can be decanted into EcoSlay reusable Mason Jars, the Wide Mouth jar is best suited for Jello Shot


  • Directions:

    Apply to soaking wet hair in sections. Air dry or diffuse.

  • Ingredients:

    Water, Okra extract, Aloe vera juice, Pectin, Chamomile flower extract, Nettle leaf extract, Melissa leaf extract, Peppermint leaf extract, Horsetail leaf extract, Yucca Vera leaf extract, propanediol (corn-based preservative booster), aminopropanol (pH balancer), strawberry fruit essence, benzyl alcohol dehydroacetic acid (non-drying alcohol used in preservation system), carbomer 980 (thickener), sodium gluconate (beet-based preservative booster).

  • CG Status

    CG Approved!

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