EcoSlay Mason Jars
  • EcoSlay Mason Jars

    Our good friends at EcoSlay have once again led the pack with new reusable packaging whilst making the brave decision to remove the option of unnecessary waste on many of their most popular ranges .


    Re-use your old bottles or pick from the classy EcoSlay branded Mason Jars. These jars come in 4 styles each suited to different EcoSlay favourites. The Jars may appear glass but are actually hard plastic to prevent dangerous shower breakage. Keep your pouches (or 1.21l bulk container) in the fridge and decant into your Mason Jar just the amount you want for short term use.


    Mason Jar - Pump lid : Suited for Orange Marmalade, Rice Pudding & Macha Boost 

    Mason Jar - Spray lid : Ginger & Moringer tea rinse

    Mason Jar - Oil lid : Peppermint Schnapps, Moonshine & Hot Sauce

    Mason Jar - Wide mouth : Jello Shot, Apple Sauce & Banana Cream