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Ecoslay Ginger & Moringa Tea Rinse

Ecoslay Ginger & Moringa Tea Rinse

PriceFrom $10.80

If you're a fan of ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) rinses for balancing your hairs PH level and increasing shine, this is the product for you!


Ecoslay Ginger and Moringa Tea Rinse is another highly requested product from our Ecoslay fanatics.

This Apple Cider Vinegar style rinse has been created to improve moisture retention and shine with the ingredients being selected on practical uses rather than scent (thankfully it doesn't last long).

Within a week, you'll observe increased style longevity, manageability and strength. These benefits and others will continue to improve with each use.

Please see Ingredients & Directions sections for more information


Ecoslay has transitioned over to waste reducing pouches for the 8oz variant, These can be decanted into EcoSlay reusable Mason Jars, the Spray lid jar is best suited for the Tea Rinse

  • Directions:

    Shake well. Hold nose (Many of our products smell good enough to eat - this is not one of them! Luckily, the scent does not linger!) After cleansing, apply liberally to soaking wet hair. Rinse and proceed with conditioning.

  • Ingredients

    Ginger extract, Moringa extract, Aloe Vera Juice, Apple Cider Vinegar, Optiphen Plus.

  • CG Status

    CG Approved!

  • Is it Vegan?