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PuffCuff Australia - Micro

PuffCuff Australia - Micro

PriceFrom $10.00

By far the most popular of the PuffCuff range, They are ideal with multiple puffs and ponytails, especially in the tender heads of little ones. You’ll be able to style their hair without them complaining that it hurts.

The MICROs will keep their hair secure all day without tugging on their edges and causing breakage. We also considered those with less dense wavy and curly hair when designing these.


#DitchTheHeadband. You’ll be so glad you did!


Package includes: 5 pieces, also sold as single pieces MADE IN USA

  • Dimensions

    Height: 2 inches, Width: 1.625 inches, Depth: .25 inches

    Gross weight: < 1 ounce, Net weight: < .1 ounce

  • Material

    lightweight, high impact-resistant ABS plastic

    Marks may appear on the surface of the PuffCuff. These marks are NOT scratches or indicate the product has been used. The marks are called "flow lines" (ripples where the plastic overlaps) this sometimes happens with ABS plastic.

    These ripples occur when the plastic doesn't flow into the injection molding machine at a constant pace, or it can happen at the end of the flow. This in no way affects the integrity of the PuffCuff.