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Cocktails and Curls - Christmas Edition - Recap

Woah - what a whirlwind end to the year! Can you beleive it's been over a month since our first Cocktails and Curls Event?!!! and what an event it was! Curlies from all over Brisbane joined us to celebrate all things curly and despite a few small glitches, we had an INCREDIBLE NIGHT!

The week leading up to our event I managed to get incredibly sick and only narrowly escaped a hospital trip - thankfully my gorgeous friend Michelle from Small Business VA swooped in to save the day. She roped in another fabulous friend Stacey from Tubie Fun and between these two powerhouses and Mr TLC we managed to pull everything together (thank you legends - I couldn't have done it without you 3 🥰). The evening was also made possible thanks to our wonderful sponsors:

Gold Sponsors

Amanda and Peter from Purely Curls/ CHEA (read below to get to know Amanda and Peter)

Silver Sponsors

Local curly Celia, my besties Stacey & Michelle and myself

On the night of the event I was an absolute bundle of nerves - I love all our curlies and the curl stylist community but there's certainly something scary about pulling something like this together. Of course I had absolutely nothing to worry about as our community is THE BEST and everyone was super friendly, helpful and just beautiful! Our evening begun with everyone arriving, receiving their goody bags ("The best goody bag I've ever seen" - direct quote!) and mingling to get to know each other. We ate delicious food, enjoyed cocktails and just enjoyed the company of other like minded curlies. Mr TLC had organised a few little games and competitions as well as bringing along a selection of our most popular curly hair products for people to check out in real life - the product table and games we're a hit for sure! (Thanks Mr TLC).

After a few hours of just taking it in and chatting with everyone it was time to draw our lucky door prize winner! The lovely Georgia R. was drawn and she was absolutely thrilled to be the winner!

Peter & Amanda Rickman from Purely Curls were our Gold Sponsors and joined me to draw our lucky winner!

Georgia took home goodies from:

What an incredible Prize, we are so thankful for all the extremely generous contributors! Georgia was thrilled and loved everything, although mum, who shouted her the ticket, was a little jealous 🤣 We also had more amazing contributors for our goodie bags: Victoria Stag

Love Nelli


Little Birdie Candle Co

Melvory Skincare

Fontana Hair Studio

Blushery Studios

Clever Curl



I took a few moments through the night to just look around and take it all in - I've never seen so many curly heads in one place and it was AMAZING - my curly heart was most definitely full ❤. And how cool is my curly t-shirt kindly gifted to me by Shal at Threadvolution

I'm still in awe of the amount of sponsors and contributors who were willing to back me in pulling this event together, everyone was insanely generous and I love nothing more than when businesses come together and help each other shine! It was fantastic to see past salon clients, curly friends and online customers in person and get to know the community a bit better! From what was shared everyone had an incredieble evening, loved their goodie bags are can't wait for the next one! We promise to give more notice next time for those further away or those who had prior commitments xx - Thank you again to everyone who helped to organise, all guests, sponsors, contributors and our gorgeous photographer Megan from Megan Leete Photography . I can't wait for our next one!

See you there, Kaycee xx


Let's get to know Amanda and Peter from Purely Curls & CHEA!

Amanda and Peter are a husband and wife team who not only opened one of Australias very first curly hair salons, they also educate up and coming curl stylists from around the country! As a team they have travelled the world training with some of the best curl stylists and have a vast amount of experience to help you get the most from your curls. They travel between Townsville, Brisbane and Sydney working at 3different salons to serve as many curlies as they can. Amanda is a highly experienced stylist and treats every curly with the utmost respect they deserve, carefully cutting the curls as the sit naturally. Peter is a master of hydration and styling and will have your curls more moisturised and defined than you've ever had them before. You can check out their work, book a curly cut or view their education options

Check out more photos of the event!

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