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Curl smith au essential moisture conditioner

Curlsmith Essential Moisture Conditioner

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Curlsmith Essential Moisture conditioner is perfect for dry, lifeless hair. Lightweight in texture but rich in moisture, this conditioner is safe for colored hair and suitable for all hair types.

It helps deliver hydration and weightless moisture to your hair and provides great slip to assist with detangling. It helps to smooth the cuticles and leaves your hair feeling super soft and nourished. 


This is the conditioner from Curlsmith Australia has been waiting for!

  • Ingredients

  • Who is Essential Moisture Conditioner for?

    All curl types, and even straight hair! Suitable for any hair thickness or porosity.

  • How to use this Curlsmith Conditioner

    • Step 1
      Apply in the shower on wet hair, after you have fully rinsed out your shampoo.
    • Step 2
      Rake through your curls to ensure each one is evenly coated.
    • Step 3
      Use your fingers or a brush to gently detangle and remove all knots.
    • Step 4
      Leave on for 1-2 minutes, then rinse well and proceed with your styling routine.