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Scrunch It - Breathe

Scrunch It - Breathe

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The Scrunch It Breathe uses the same revolutionary, patented scrunching design as the original Scrunch It Plop. The Scrunch It Breathe is a super soft polyester mesh cap that is perfect for air-drying or diffusing curly hair.  The mesh cap allows you to keep your curls plopped in their natural curl pattern while air drying, diffusing or even sleeping. This is perfect for night time showers as it's the only cap designed to sleep in wet hair while still allowing adequate air flow! Keeps your curls protected all night long.The Adjustable headband fits all head sizes and our patented scrunching design will stay on all snug. 

This Little Curl is an Authorised reseller of Scrunch It products Australia and NZ wide. 

  • What's up with the mesh?

    The Scrunch it Breathe uses the same patented design as the Scrunch it Plop, but the mesh fabric allows for undisturbed diffusing or air drying. While going to bed with wet hair is frowned upon, the Breathe allows air flow to your curls, allowing them to air dry. The Breathe can be used with either dry or wet hair and can be slept in overnight.