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Satin Shower Cap for Curly Hair - White with Coloured Stripes

Satin Shower Cap for Curly Hair - White with Coloured Stripes

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Our curly hair Shower caps are truly unique. Featuring 3 layers of top quality fabric consisting of a top layer of quality satin, a middle layer of thin water resistant plastic membrane, and an internal layer of rip resistant lining. Guaranteed to keep your hair dry and frizz free, these caps were designed by one very lovely lady and are now produced at This Little Curl HQ, batches are kept small, intimately crafted, and in most cases limited editions.


Longevity: The time and effort put into each cap is very obvious and ensures you will get many, many, many uses from your cap (my personal cap and our two littlie's curlies caps are 3 years and still going strong with no signs of wear)

We personally hang ours on 3M hooks to ensure they dry thoroughly between uses


Sizing: Before stitching, the diameter of these caps measures around 55cm for large & 65cm for XL. That is a lot of room for a lot of hair! The large are perfect for short-medium curls and children whilst the XL are better for curls that are long & voluminous (Is that even a word?)


Hint for curly mums & dads: If you are here looking for a cap for little curlies many of our designs contain Large and Extra Large variants so you can have a matching sets.