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Red Mulberry Silk sleep bonnets

Bliss Silk -Mulberry Silk Sleep Bonnets - Regular

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The silk sleep cap Australia loves. It's time to spoil your curls, keeping them healthy and happy with a silk hair bonnet from Bliss Silk. Double Layer, 100% mulberry silk Bonnets are the luxe haircare addition you've been looking for. 


Bad hair days, bed hair, the famous “messy bun”.  Sounding familiar?

Waking up with wearable curls feels like a rare luxury. We all know the famous eye roll and sarcastic laugh when you hear someone drop the “I woke up like this” line. Well eye roll no more - we know how they do it - By wearing a silk sleep cap!


A silk bonnet for hair is like cheese for a cracker - they should always go together. 


This BlissSilk Silk Sleep bonnet is made from 100% pure mulberry silk, inspired by the curly community to protect your hair from abrasion whilst you sleep. It keeps your hair hydrated, keeps curls intact and prevents damage.


What’s the catch? There isn’t one… our silk bonnets are too smooth for that!


Your new BlissSilk Silk silk sleep cap is reversible with the first colour in the listing being one side and the second being the reverse.

Have long or extra thick curls, check out our Jumbo silk bonnet options

  • Regular silk bonnet sizing

    The BlissSilk regular silk bonnet is approximately 23cm in width with elastic unstretched (or) a circumference of 46cm, and 23cm long (high) when laid flat. 

    This is the perfect silk sleep cap for those with short-medium hair.