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Bliss Silk Wire Headbands Australia

Bliss Silk Wire Headbands Australia


Our gorgeous Bliss Silk wired headbands are the most comfortable wire headbands you will find. Being a mulberry silk headband they're gentle on your hair, won't cause damage and best of all look FANTASTIC!

Wire head bands are usually made with cotton fabric and while stunning, they can wreck havoc on your curls causing halo frizz and dehydration. By opting for Bliss Silk wired headbands you'll help to avoid friction and possible breakage along your hair line, 'cuse nobody wants that!


The best thing about a silk headband with wire is that they're flexible, comfortable and can be worn in many different ways. Simply take your wired head wrap and twist to secure comfortably. 


Kaycee Says:

"OH MAN!! I love these so much!! Meeting Diana from BlissSilk and getting to know her and her products has been amazing! These silk wire Headbands are an absolute favourite and I'm so glad to have found them! I've always worn wired headbands but found the cotton rubbed a little on the hair on top causing it to fluff! These Silk headbands are so soft and no rough rubbing!"


Bliss Silk make wire headbands Australia and New Zealand LOVE. Just check out the glowing reviews.