BlissSilk Wired  Mulberry Silk Headband
  • BlissSilk Wired Mulberry Silk Headband

    *Please note that some of these images are just temporary as I know you've all been DESPERATE for these headbands and I wanted to get them on ASAP for you xx


    BlissSilk Says:"Our Mulberry silk head band is a game changer! Do you suffer from sensitivity and headaches? Our headband is so lightweight, made with a coated wire you won't even feel, yet stays and holds back your hair even when you forget it's there. It's versatile and easy to create different looks. Just twist it in place for a fun bow, fold and tuck for a slim sleek look, decorate a hat..... So many options! Have fun experimenting!" Kaycee Says"OH MAN!! I love these so much!! Meeting Diana from BlissSilk and getting to know her and her products has been amazing! These wired Headbands are an absolute favourite and I'm so glad to have found them! I've always worn wired headbands but found the cotton rubbed a little on the hair on top causing it to fluff! These Silk Bands are so soft and no rough rubbing!About BlissSilk:Like so many things in life, it can take a long time to create something beautiful. Our silk is no exception.All of our products are made with quality, using pure mulberry silk sourced from family farms with generational harvesting experience.