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Bliss Silk - Mulberry Silk Eye Mask

Bliss Silk - Mulberry Silk Eye Mask

$49.00 Regular Price
$44.10Sale Price

Wake up looking youthful and refreshed with BlissSilk. Experience a night of luxury with our 100% silk eye mask. Our BlissSilk eye mask blocks out even the brightest light so you can enjoy uninterrupted sleep anywhere. Ultra soft it protects and hydrates the delicate skin under your eyes while you sleep, so you wake up glowing and gorgeous.- silk floss padding- super comfortable- delicate skin protection- great for travel and jet lag- better sleep- great for shift workers


Kaycee Says - Diana fro BlissSilk was sweet enough to gift me a gorgeous silk sleep mask when I was in hospital in 2021. I've never enjoyed wearing sleep masks as they're either scratchy, too stiff or feel to constrictive. These are 100% different! The silk means they're soft against the skin with no irritation, they block out 99% of the light and honestly, I slept SO MUCH better after using this. I still use them almost nightly and it's still love!

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